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Adult Criminal Defense

Are you an adult facing criminal charges?

The notion that “life can change in an instant” is a reality our typical client is faced with and is totally unprepared for. A random encounter, a brief flash of anger, a momentary lapse in judgment, a single poor choice; and someone’s life is turned inside out forever. With a timely and proper defense your life will become normal once again. You and your family can be restored to a position of strength, remove feelings of desperation and helplessness, and have the knowledge and information necessary to regain control over your life.

Without a timely and proper defense the new reality you may be faced with can go from “for now” to “forever”. Criminal charges can conceivably end a career, destroy a family, result in the loss of a job, the ability to secure and maintain present and future employment, alienate friends and family, negatively impact one’s standing in the community and for some people, place their continued legal residency in our country in jeopardy. We can help. We defend you, your reputation and career!

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