200 Butler St., Suite 207 West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Our Foundation

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide our clients and their families’ peace of mind throughout a stressful and demanding period in their lives. We accomplish this by offering skilled legal advice and creating a comprehensive plan of defense with the goal of attaining the best possible result in resolving their legal matters.

Our clients benefit from the fact that we limit our practice area and focus our knowledge and expertise on adult and juvenile criminal defense.

Our firm serves clients throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast geographic area.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to restore our client’s lives by relentlessly defending their legal rights.

Our Values:

The cornerstone of our firm’s success is devising creative, methodical, and comprehensive legal strategies specific and unique to each and every client and their individual needs. We never lose sight of the fact that our client’s present situation may alter their future forever.

Care and Concern – We approach each case with great care paying close attention to every detail. We are genuinely concerned for our clients and how their legal problems may affect and impact them in the future.

Creative – We think outside the box, we approach each case individually and with no preconceived cookie-cutter answers or solutions.

Methodical – We are thorough, careful, and apply proven methodology to each and every case to ensure that all of the legal issues present in our client’s case are addressed and dealt with accordingly.

Comprehensive – We consider every aspect of our client’s case, including, but not just limited to the legal issues when evaluating our client’s case and the possible solutions that may apply.

Tenacious – Our clients can be assured we manage every aspect of their case with persistence, determination, and without compromise.

Dedicated – We are committed and dedicated to empowering our client and our client’s family to pursue every potential solution available. We guide our clients and their families with knowledge and education, so they are better able to make informed decisions.

Communication and Education – We explain and educate our clients and their families about the law, their case, and the legal system in a language they can understand and relate to.

Integrity – We deal with our clients and our staff in the same fashion that we deal with our adversaries; truthfully and honorably, and we expect and deserve nothing less in return.

Respect – We respect and appreciate our clients, our staff, and the legal process.

Family – We recognize the importance of family. Whenever possible and appropriate, our client’s family is considered and included in whatever resolution the client’s case ultimately results in.

Confidence – Our clients are confident in the knowledge that our expertise and passion in the areas of criminal law and juvenile law will provide them with the best legal representation possible.