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What to Expect

What to Expect
  • We begin by carefully reviewing all of the legal documents, probable cause affidavits and police reports that comprise your case.
  • We follow this by conducting initial and subsequent in depth client interviews.
  • We establish a timeline of events leading up to and beyond the alleged incident.
  • We perform initial statutory and case law research with respect to the above and determine the relevant legal issues and available defenses.
  • We collect and assemble all relevant, pertinent and significant facts and witness information; We identify, locate and interview witnesses.
  • We identify the need for expert witnesses and outside resources such as investigators, jury consultants and court reporters; we review the above with you and secure their participation.
  • We formulate our legal strategy based on the above and then continually review, revise and expand that strategy as the case progresses.
  • We tailor the strategy in your case to consider individual and family issues that become known and prove to be an influence on you and your case.
  • We direct you and your family to the professionals best suited to address these issues.