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Our Methodology

How We Manage Your Case

We develop a working plan and then execute the plan.

The confidence of having a plan…

Our goal is to develop a plan of action; a plan that places you and your family in the best position possible.

A well thought out and executed plan is essential. Without such a plan your or your child’s future may be compromised forever. When designing a plan to defend you or your child we develop and explain all of the options available while exploring creative alternatives unique to your situation. We then explain the plan of action to you in such a way that you will understand your options and will be prepared for what to expect now and what may lie ahead in the future.

The goal of the methodology we draw on and devise in your case is to provide you the best defense and possible outcome for your particular situation.

We manage your case employing a systematic approach developed over years of experience.

Our approach is specific with respect to the factual and legal details of your case and comprehensive with respect to the social and family issues that are relevant to your case.

We never stop developing facts and evidence.
We never stop researching the law.

We critically evaluate and assess your case in light of the allegations and charges. We continually strategize and manage your case; always considering potential options and resolutions.

Clients who are active and involved in their case always stand a better chance of reaching a favorable resolution than those who are not.